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03 05 2009 Exclusiv Weekend Stalker zeigen kein Einsehen

Translation by Artax @ THA:

...French girl gang. A case that's getting more and more bizarre. While the girls after the fuel station brawl initially were portrayed as victims, it now seems to be clear that they are stalkers. For they show all the signs: Loyal fan love one the one side, one the other side, pursuing the band to a point where it becomes unbearable. What brings the girls to their extreme acts, and what the boys of TH have yet to fear - Cornelia Hanneman and Fiona Nickel report.

They seem tense. Continuous nail-biting is supposed to calm them. An insecure smile attempts to divert. The girls are nervous and are afraid, for the stalkers of TH have now themselves become targets:

Noemie: "They're saying: 'Yeah, we'll kill you!' Girls from the US say they want to take a plane to come and beat us down. And ... yeah, that's pretty much scary stuff."

Probably not only that. For there could also be legal consequences for the girls. It's said that TH want to press charges for stalking. The French girls had been following the band for months. Only when Tom Kaulitz lost his composure at this fuel station and knocked down one of the girls, everything became known to the public. And the public rendered the judgement: Stalkers.
"But it was all different!", the girls say now.

Noemie: "I think, whenever the boys saw fans, they always thought it was us - although it wasn't always us! Sometimes, we just ran into them. Like, for example, here in the inner city."

This piece is attributed to the girls. It's a letter to TH, and it's not a love letter. In bad German it says: "The next week will be a little nightmare..." It wasn't at all meant like that, the girls justify themselves:

Noemie: "If you're talking about the letter... I mean, that was a big... misunderstandment?! Cause our German is not good at all."

The girls deny having threatened the boys - but still, they veiled themselves after the fuel station incident. They are adamant that they're no stalkers. But what exactly is "stalking", actually? Psychologist Michael Thiel explains: "Stalking comes from the English hunting vocabulary, and means something like 'hunt', 'pursue'... the hunted animal is set upon, one closes in on it."

There were car chases like in this video [Text: "Is it them?" "Get behind him!"]. "Get behind him!", one of them cries. In the jeep in front of them - Tom from TH. And also this footage, with mother Kaulitz in front of Bill and Tom's house, speaks for itself. Whether this scuffle will have legal consequences - strangely enough, the girls' lawyer doesn't know:

Benecken: "The legal status is not really clear at the moment. At any rate, we haven't heard from the police or the prosecutor's office so far, we don't know whether charges will be pressed against the ladies, or not."

The spokesperson for the Hamburg police sounds somehow differently:
Jan Kr├╝ger: "I can confirm that a complaint because of battery was filed by Mrs Kaulitz against an as yet unidentified female fan." Against one of them, that is. But how does it even happen that 20-25 year old women possibly have broken the law - because of a teenie band?!

Psychologist: "At the beginning of such a pathologic stalker development, there often are some blows of fate, like e.g., you lose your job, or you dropped out of school... and somehow, sometimes also by coincidence, you just get this idea: Ah, this celebrity could be the one to give my life meaning again, I'll follow him now, because that keeps me busy 24/7, and I don't have to think about my own life."

All four girls are from France. Three of them - Noemie, Aurande(?), Clarine - live in Germany by now. In Hamburg - the city where also their favorite band lives. They are students and are jobbing beside that, one of them is an apprentice. How they get the time and the money to chase TH so obsessively, they won't tell. It was the love for the band that brought the four together in the first place.

N: I met her here in Hamburg, and she knew the others from the internet.

They made headlines as "Afghanes on tour", their veiled faces are supposed to inflict fear, they're supposed to be a gang - but the girls deny all that. They only were innocent fans, and had not stalked TH and their families in a threatening and scary manner... But in that case, it's strange that the band stopped their recordings in LA, and stayed in Germany to protect their family. But now, all the safety measures and headlines don't matter anymore, say the girls:

N: The only image we still have in our head is that of Tom hitting our friend.

Especially for Perrine, the time as a fan is over now, after all, she was the one that got hit by Tom's fist.

P: TH is over for me.
N: We have no respect for them any more. We don't want to have anything to do with them any more, and just go on with our life.

There's no trace of self-reflection or remorse with the girls. One almost gets the feeling that the four themselves believe that they are just totally normal fans. But maybe the stalking at least comes to an end now. That certainly would be a relieve for TH.

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